Just the way you are


Before I’m not a fan of running around our subdivision but as time goes by I learned to love running around our streets. Last night i managed to ran Sub-1 11km just around another subdivision.

I love running at night when nobody can see me and specially not much vehicles on the road. Another addition to my running hobby was listening to music while running guess what… only three songs from Bruno Mars. LOL! I listen to “Just the way you are” he sang in Brit Awards 2012 10x. Yes 10x =)

All in all it was a good run! 11 kilometers at 8:01 min/mi. not bad for an old guy!

Here are the list I exported using an online youtube2mp3 application.


BRUNO MARS -“Just the way you are” (Brit Awards 2012) Live Performance


BRUNO MARS – “Treasures”


BRUNO MARS – “Locked out of heaven”


Happy Running! #southsiderunner

Southwoods Ave.


Minutes after your run you feel the fatigue. It hits you like a rouge wave. You expected it but it hit you quicker than you thought. You lean over and rest your hands on your knees and take long deep breaths. You wait for the sweat to start dripping but there is no sweat. What you’re left with is a thin layer of abrasive, salt covered skin. You’re dry, cold and empty.