UP Los Banos 2 UP Diliman Ultramarathon 80KM


Getting ready for my next ultramarathon event. I have to admit that running an ultramarathon have a different kind of joy compare to running a full marathon which is the 42km. I need to level up my running milages before  joining any 100km ultramarathon. But I already have some future ultramarathon event in my calendar like the T2N Tagaytay to Naic 102km, The Mt. Banahaw 360 100km, BDM 102km, and the Bonifacio Day 100km. Any of these will be my first 100k.


kahit gaano ko kalakas isigaw sa buong mundo
kung gaano ako kabilis tumakbo,
hindi mo ito maririnig, dahil para lang akong hanging dadaan sa harap mo
masisisi mo ba ako kung iba na ang mundo ko…


Luneta 2 Tagaytay 60KM Ultramarathon


“I am learning to trust my journey when I’m running even when I do not understand why I keep doing It.” #southsiderunner

It was my toughest race to begin my year as a runner. Finishing the race from Kilometer 0 to Palace in the Sky Tagaytay, City. And due to the large number of runners registered for this event the Race Director Prince Baltazar and the City of Manila decided to changed the venue of starting line to Raja Sulayman park.

We arrived at the venue around 11pm and registered with no hustle, as in as quick as that. The race director Prince Baltazar together with LU2TAY ambassador Wilfred Iglesia and Master Victor Ting where visible and greeted the runners. The Highway Patrol Team and other support vehicles where all around. Runners from different group were taking their last group photos before the gun start. Damned !!! I forgot my CAMERA… too much preparation really leads to disappointment sometimes. Anyway at least I can focus more on the race instead of asking my support crew to took some photos per 10 kilometers.

As always I positioned myself at the middle of the pack and let them pass through. You can feel the energy, joy, and specially the fear of the road leading to the finish line.

Time flies and I reached Baclaran, last time I have been to this place was during my college days. Then I pick up my pace and run steady pace side by side with another runners. Not until I reached Kilometer 20 where I experienced stomach cramps. I was really in pain and have decided not to finish the race or DNF. I approached my support vehicle that I was really in pain, but even my support team was in high spirit and believed that i can finish the race.

Actually, I know for a fact that every runner has experienced it—the crampy pain or “side stitch” that grabs you in the gut, puts you off your stride, and can even cause you to cut your run short. Abdominal pain while running is most often due to muscle cramps, altered motility of the GI tract, or a combination of the two. But in my case i know that this can be due to electrolyte imbalances or reduced blood flow to the abdominal wall muscles and diaphragm. So I asked my nephew Carlos to gave me the remaining GU then some skyflakes and rest for 2 minutes then hit the road again.

What I did is breathed more deeply and at a slower rate. Running more slowly may help too. Sometimes synchronizing breathing with your stride works, the idea is to exhale when your foot on the side that does not hurt hits the ground. Then after 10minutes of running I felt that my body was in good shape again so I pick up my pace again.

Kilometer 40, I was running alone in the dark road of Silang, Cavite and the long uphill road become aggressive and even my support vehicle did not noticed that I pass through them twice and it was a never ending uphill road. This time I was in high spirit because I pass through 6 more runners but the hardest part is that
when you smell the Bulalo broth… Damned I was really hungry!

Kilometer 53, I reached the last hydration station and equipped myself with much needed nutrients for the last few kilometers. It was a good choice from the Race Director to use the other road instead of the familiar road going to Palace in the Sky which is more downhill and gave us a little rest and for others run fast to cut the time they have walk.

Kilometer 58, Running in the clouds was really a good experience specially when people asking you where it’s start and I yelled “Luneta,” then they replied “P.I.” others replied “Patayan na!” It just add more motivation to me actually. LOL!

It was a great relief when I reached the gate of Palace in the Sky alone and everybody from different support vehicles clapping their hands to gave me more motivation to run the remaining 100 meters upHELL to finish line. I finish the race in 7hrs. 42mins. and rank#54 out of 600+ runner. It was Master Victor Ting who handed me the trophy and medal and shake hands with the Race Director itself Prince Baltazar.

I would like to say THANK YOU for a well organized ultramarathon Prince Multi Sports, City of Manila, specially the Highway Patrol group for guiding us in different intersections. To my support team Bonjing and to my nephew Carlos. Runners who greeted me along the way like Kenneth Navales with the PAR group and those familiar runners who have come along with me in different ultramarathon races. Thank you to all staff of Prince Multi Sports!

I may not be the strongest
I may not be the fastest
But i’ll be damned if I’m not trying my hardest. #southsiderunner

“Most people never get there. They’re afraid or unwilling to demand enough of themselves and take the easy road, the path of least resistance. But struggling and suffering, as I now saw it, were the essence of a life worth living. If you’re not pushing yourself beyond the comfort zone, if you’re not constantly demanding more from yourself–expanding and learning as you go–your choosing a numb existence. Your denying yourself an extraordinary trip.” -Dean Karnazes

LU2TAY-1photo by Marc Cruz


Photo by RunningSmasher






Photos by Mike Martinez1655918_278984445592735_28335167_n



with Master Victor Ting.