Quezon Marathon 2013

“I always loved running…it was something you could do by yourself, and under your own power. You could go in any direction, fast or slow as you wanted, fighting the wind if you felt like it, seeking out new sights just on the strength of your feet and the courage of your lungs.”
Jesse Owens~

It was a great run even though it rain from start to finish. I managed to finish the race in 4hrs 30mins and ranked #32 out of 227 runners (http://strider.ph/runners/74/266).  This is the Toughest Race i ever ran so far. Maybe the weather condition tested our endurance but in the end I managed to finish strong. #southsiderunner

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Running with my fellow classmates in high school at Southwoods, Splash Island.


Me, Juliet Alquino-Penera, and Maricor Alvarez


Couple power Erwin-Juliet Penera, Maricor Alvarez, Edward Hernandez, and Me.




Erwin, Me, Maricor, Juliet, Aris Latorre, and Edward.




Thank you for coming to my invitation to run. Lets make this a regular tendency guys!!!


HMR Phils. Cleaner and Greener Environment 21K race

Yesterday I just joined a race in Greenfield Sta. Rosa and finished with an official time 1hour 41mins. and ranked 25th out of 224 runners.

I think this always happened when you registered a week before the race your name got mixed up. The organizer failed to register my name in the Runningmate system so my name didn’t appeared in the official result but it’s ok as long as my bib# is still been registered with my time. It is very closed as I timed myself 1hr 40mins and in their system it’s 1:41mins. I really like this not so expensive Spalding watch which served me a lot in my running.

I was officially registered as “Eozil Drilo with a bib#777” anyway I have sent my concern with runningmate to correct the result they published with my photo to prove that i was wearing a bib# 776.

This is the first time that I finished half marathon in 1:41mins and this is a PR to me. Maybe I was too hungry to run as I missed last week Ultramarathon. Nevertheless, practice, discipline, and determination are the key to have a good and strong finish in any race.

Thanks to HMR Philippines for a well organized event, the PNP Sta.Rosa who guided us and specially when I’m the only one crossing the intersection and wave my hand to stop the crossing vehicles and give way for me to cross the other road. The staff at every hydration station, Running Photographer group, and Runningmate.ph and everyone who take part and do their duties to make this event a Cleaner and Greener Environment.

Discipline is the key to reaching all goals. #SouthSideRunner


After I sent a letter to Runningmate.ph about my concern on my bib# and name did not appeared on the official result, they quickly fixed the official result online with my name and bib# 776. Much appreciated for your quick response. More power Runningmate.ph !

hank you Runningmate.ph for quickly fixed my name in your official race result.


anked 25 out of 224 21K runners

dunno is this what you called Selfie. hahaha!

pproaching the finish line. yeh i love yellow hahaha!

ith Joey Fernando who ran 5K. Approaching the finish line.

Thanks to Running Photographer for this shot!

 was surprised to see my friend Joey Fernando who ran 5k


with Rico Guzman my batchmate in high school.

ico Guzman finishing strong in 5K.

lmer Quirante finishing strong.  His first Half Marathon(21K)