Condura Skyway Marathon 2013


There are as many reasons to run a marathon as there are marathoners, but running to FINISH, to SURVIVE, is at the core of every marathon experience.

I cannot explain how happy I am after the Condura Skyway Marathon 2013 by finishing 4hours 37minutes, surpassing my last year record time by almost 1hour. This is the result of intense self discipline and training only for this event.

But prior to that, a day before the race i thought i will not be able to run the marathon because of my son, who is suffering from indigestion due to the pasta that we ate at the local fast food chain, I’m almost at the edge that i have decided not to run if he didn’t get well before my run. But thank God, Saturday morning all is well.

The Race Day
You can tell how confident a runner is by where they stand at the starting line. If you are a 9-minute runner, you would not want to start at the front of the pack with the 5-minute runners. This will force you to start out at a pace faster then you would like not to mention possibly being trampled. So I positioned myself at the middle of the pack.

One thing that boost my motivation when Mr. Raul Patrick Concepcion saw me at the middle of the pack and approach me and shake hands. He recognized me as my photo with him have been featured last year in Runners World Magazine December 2012 edition. Actually after i positioned myself at the middle i already saw him but i was hesitant to greet him because a lot of runners approached him and took photos. He greeted everybody, He really is a good CSM Running Ambassador. Also his brother Ton Concepcion making sure everything are in right places and organized.

My racing tactics are just to Pace myself and not to worry about others and just pay attention to my pace and form. Also I have picked a runners that are slightly better than me; this will keep me moving.

Fighting the Elements
As i reached 20km im still in good shape and still manage to run fast when i noticed some of the runners are struggling i take full advantage and pick my pace up specially when the road is further down.

But after reaching 33km marked along Bicutan i can feel the cold wind blowing coming from Laguna de Bay. It was really cold that i have to shake my head just to keep me awake.

Running through pain and fatigue are crucial. A good percentage of discomfort is psychological. To become the best runner you can, you have to learn to tolerate these minor discomforts. BUT pain on the other hand can be a sign of injury so i did not push myself farther as i already feeling cold and my stomach is really in pain that i have to stop and walk for almost half kilometer.

Then I did my finishing kick when a female barefoot runner and Mr. Patrick Concepcion passed me along Sucat. Then i decided to run again even in pain. I can’t wait to see myself already at the finish line with crowds cheering giving me my finisher medal.

The moment i saw the last kilometer signage i was so excited to cross that finish line. Then down the ramp i can see the finish line arc, i cannot explain the happiness i have felt that moment when I saw the finish line. It looks like all the running scriptures are falling like a confetti.

Lastly, thank you to all the Condura Skyway organizers  Ton Concepcion, Raul Patrick Concepcion, and Skyway President Mr. Ramon Borromeo for letting us use the Skyway. And all the CSM staff for making this event a success,  and lots of hydration and medical personnel to look after us, runners. Hands Down to all of YOU!!!

“Believe that you can run farther or faster. Believe that you’re young enough, old enough, strong enough, and so on to accomplish everything you want to do. Don’t let worn-out beliefs stop you from moving beyond yourself.”  -John Bingham


Photo by Jun Mendoza, Photojournalist at the Philippine Star



Ranked #103 out of 700+ runners in 31-40 age group.


CONGRATULATIONS also to the following running friends.

First my Pamangkin, Carlos Gabriel Cano – Ranking 1st in 10 kilometers (age 20 below group) AND placing 4th overall.


Enrico Penera for winning 1st in 3 kilometers.  Carlos and Enrico are classmates at SMIS and Enrico’s mother Juliet Penera is my high school classmate Licean90.


John Nonie Hilario (wearing blue) despite of his injured hand he managed to finished the 42 kilometers with a decent time.


Ryan Samia, Finishing his first 21k with a decent time of 3hours 27minutes.


And of course my son Yosef Elijah and my wife Sheryll. i told my wife to take a photo of him because I know someday my son will run and conquer the Skyway.