Dri-fit Miler

In everything I buy I always make sure that it works properly according to my needs specially running apparels. Last friday me and my colleagues decided to take quick lunch at Total station in SLEX, its about 5 minutes drive if you really in a hurry coming from our office in Brent Int’l School.

While waiting at Mang Inasal i promised myself not to got to Nike depot because i couldn’t help myself buying another dri-fit for my running… and then from a far… the color is so inviting… boom! 50% off =)

I was so excited to run and wear this dry-fit singlet. The Nike dri-fit is lightweight and fits well, and is so breathable that you never feel (ugh) sweaty or overheated. Dri-fit helps keep you comfortable and dry by moving perspiration from your skin to the outside of the singlet for rapid evaporation.

All in all i made a 16.07 km run over the weekend.